alsamanela is an ideas mixer where creativity, illustration, artistic drawing, animated cartoon, industrial and product 3D- design as well as infographic solutions converge and interact in order to face and develop projects from very different disciplines.

Backed up by more than 25 years’ experience and the confidence of our clients, we collaborate with design and film studios, toys manufacturers, communication, advertising and public relations agencies, publishing companies, architects, theatre’s stage, set and costumes designers, fashion firms, inventors and anyone who needs to materialize an idea by means of an illustration or a 3D design.

Alsamanela is made up of highly- skilled professionals, each with special expertise and unquenchable curiosity in some facet of his craft. Thanks to an adequate methodology and to a self- demanding attitude, each project is developed with the reliability and rigor that deserves. External collaborators with whom we share the same way of doing things occasionally join our good working atmosphere contributing with new points of view, their talent and know- how.